Welcome to Baby Tech Support

Get your baby to sleep; at nap time, at bedtime and  through the night!

I’m Gemma Kirkham,  accredited Sleep Consultant and founder of Baby Tech Support and  I’m here to help you.  As a parent to 3 boys, I know that raising children is a rewarding yet tiring and relentless job.  Parenthood is tiring enough without being up all night so I have always placed sleep high up on my priority list for my children and for me.  I have spent time to teach them to sleep and overcome challenges like reflux and milk allergies.  I experienced first hand how debilitating sleep deprivation can be and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

Through my MNT Sleep Training qualification, 10 years raising my boys and my experience helping thousands of families, there isn’t much that I haven’t come across. My advice is tailored to your baby and your family situation and because I am a mother myself, it is realistic and achievable. I like to think of myself as a Sleep Detective: there is always a reason for sleep issues and I find it.  I won’t tell you to leave your child to cry and I won’t tell you it’s just a phase; I will help and support you while you solve the problem.