Baby Tech Support is fantastic!!

Baby Tech Support is fantastic!!

It was one afternoon, after weeks, actually months, of getting next to no sleep and being both physically and mentally exhausted, I found myself standing in the kitchen, hiding from my children and crying uncontrollably.

This was the moment when I knew that things just could not continue as they were.

Libby was just over six months old and until she hit 4 months, she'd actually been a pretty good sleeper, in fact, I'd made a point of often telling people how much better she was than her older brother had been! Ha! What a mistake!

She went from waking twice a night, to waking every single hour.

She would only settle back to sleep if I cuddled & rocked her until she drifted off. Once asleep, and back in her cot, she would wake again within about 30-40 mins, so effectively, I was pretty much awake all night. My husband is brilliant and was helping as much as he could but he was busy at work & I hated having to wake him, so most of the night shifts were down to me. I felt like a zombie, and was literally at breaking point. Sleep deprivation is truly awful.

I had tried various things, including changing the room temperature, what she wore to bed, the time she went to bed, leaving her to cry for a while, giving her a dummy, not giving her a dummy.... But absolutely nothing made any difference.

So standing in my kitchen that day, I knew I had to do something and I knew that I needed help.

A friend had previously suggested Baby Tech Support, and to be perfectly honest I had been reluctant - I suppose it was pride, no one wants to admit that they are struggling and need help - but I'd hit rock bottom and this now seemed like a life line.

Once the decision was made, I instantly felt better, and as soon as Gemma sent me our sleep plan, for the first time I actually felt hopeful! Everythingshe said made perfect sense and I could start to see where we'd been going wrong and what we needed to do to fix it.

It wasn't easy.

We had to change Libby's schedule a LOT. But we stuck to the plan, made a few tweaks here and there with Gemma's advice, and gradually I began to see improvement.

After only a week, the incredible happened and she slept through the night!!!

We've had a few bumps along the way, and it's not been easy, but I can honestly say that without Gemma's help, I don't know what we would have done or where we would be now.

We now have a much happier baby, a MUCH happier mummy and generally a happier family!!

Libby still wakes occasionally, maybe just once or twice a night (I don't want to jinx it but we're actually now on day 3 of consecutive sleeping through, and it's AMAZING!), but compared to how things were before it's totally fantastic.

If you are at all in doubt as to whether Baby Tech Support works, or is worth the money, then I can honestly say "yes!"

Do it. It could change your life.

It has mine.