Baby Tech Support Mum of the Month – Becky

As a newborn, Rosa slept well, and my husband and I thought we had been blessed with a sleeper! We made sure we tried to avoid some of the mistakes we had made with her brother, trying not to cuddle, rock, or feed her to sleep. Instead we were able to settle her in her Moses basket, with a dummy and a hand on her tummy. She settled well and actually slept through a few times around 8 weeks, never having more than 1-2 feeds. Brilliant!  Then she hit around 3- 4 months, the sleep dependencies grew, and her sleep got worse. We were pulled into a cycle of holding her hand to settle her, giving her dummy back constantly, and co-sleeping at least half of each night in order to get some sleep! We moved her to her own room at around 5.5 months with the hope it may make things better, but it just made everything 100 times worse. She wouldn't let us leave the room without crying, and she needed our hand against her face at all times in order to sleep. One of us ended up sleeping on the floor in her room in order to respond more quickly to her, and prevent her from waking up her brother with her cries. Daytime naps weren't much better, and she would never sleep more than 1 sleep cycle before waking and calling out for me. Me and my husband were both utterly exhausted and snapping at each other. I was emotional and my eyes literally ached from the tiredness. It was difficult to get through each day, looking after both of the children, as my toddler still needed me to get up early and function! This is when I suggested we contact Baby Tech Support.

Gemma's advice for my son was invaluable, and really helped me get him into a routine that worked. I knew I needed her help again! Together, using the advice from the sleep plan we set out to change Rosa's daytime routine. Gemma helped me to start weaning Rosa, giving me advice regarding Rosa's reflux, and sorted out a napping routine that would fit in with my toddlers needs too. Rosa took to the daytime changes really well.  We then began to work on the night. Through a process of elimination, we made sure there was no other reason that she was waking so often at night.  It was hard, but with Gemma's support we stuck to it and after a couple of nights we noticed a difference.

Rosa's sleep is now so much better than it was. She eats and naps well during the day, so I know she is not overtired or hungry. She self settles for all naps and at night. Some nights she sleeps through without calling for us at all, and other nights she may call out for her dummy, but this is usually only once in the night. I know there will be times where her routine and sleep is disturbed by various reasons such as teething or illness, but I also know we have the tools and the basic routine in place, to help her back to sleeping well when this happens. I can't thank Gemma enough for her help, support and virtual hand holding. Her advice has been invaluable in helping our family get some much needed sleep!

Becky and Rosa