Sleeping regularly

I contacted Gemma because my younger son wasn't responding to the techniques and sleep training methods we had used with our older son. We were experiencing frequent night wakings and although Euan could easily put himself to sleep at the start of the night he often ended up being rocked to sleep or settled beside me in bed at some point during the night. Add into the mix that at 12 months old he was still in our bedroom, and you can imagine how tired we were all feeling. Gemma started by asking questions about Euan's routine throughout the day including naps, meals, milk, snacks and established how we managed sleep and wakings. Very quickly she was able to diagnose overtiredness and recommend a package that would suit us. I'm not going to say it's been easy, but 6 weeks on and Euan has now moved into his big brothers bedroom. He mostly sleeps 7pm - 6am with one long nap during the day and he's eating better and smiling more as a result. The positive impact the new routine has had on his big brother is immeasurable and he too is now regularly sleeping 11-12 hours nightly and is even more active because of it! Would I recommend Gemma to any one else needing help to get a good night's sleep? Yes. 100% I would!