Thank you a million times over x

This review is a long time coming - sorry it's taken so long but I've been busy sleeping - making up for the nine months where I barely got two hours in a row! So what made me seek the advice of Baby Tech Support? Nine months of sleep deprivation had taken its toll and I was due back at work - it just couldn't continue! My son just seemed so unsettled and had never slept for more than 3 hours in a row. Everyone else's baby was sleeping so why not mine? I reached out to BTS asI'd heard about them on Facebook and then my friend had had overnight success with them! I got in touch, chose my package and wrote a lot of things down about my son and his routine. I didn't have to wait long before getting my plan through and me and my husband were determined to stick to it! We started on 1 Jan this year - it wasn't overnight for us as it was hard to put our finger on what was causing our son to wake so frequently. But within days, BTS helped us get to the bottom of it and he started napping for decent chunks of time and had settled into a much improved routine with his food and milk too. And then he started napping in his cot! Wow - that was a breakthrough. 

After about two weeks our son had gone from waking every couple of hours, every 20 minutes at one point, to sleeping until 1am. He'd then have a bottle and go back to sleep until 6! Amazing! We were overjoyed! Finally - we could have sleep and I could cope with going back to work! Just one week later he dropped the night feed and slept right through.

Nine months on and he has done this ever since! There has hardly ever been a blip, even when teething! I went from having a son that just would not let himself or me sleep, to one that now naps for 2 hours a day and sleeps 7-7!

Thank you so much to Baby Tech Support for making this happen. Yes it was hard work and you do have to stick through some tough nights but oh it's so worth it! Thank you a million times over x