The advice and support I received from Baby Tech Support  was exactly what I needed after having my little girl. I asked for their help early as I knew I wanted to get Evie into a routine that meant she was happy and playful in the day and rested at night. I was also going back to work, and would have to travel and be away from home sometimes so I knew her being settled and in a routine that worked would be beneficial to us all. Gemma and Tanya's advice was always really clear, caring and reassuring. I understood why I was doing everything and it was actually very simple to get started and then to keep going. Evie responded so well - and like her Mum and Dad, she loves her bed and to sleep!

I personally have not paid lots of attention to 'Wonder Weeks' and to look for reasons why she may not be sleeping but to look for solutions on better ways to help her sleep. For us, this is a consistent routine both in the day and in the evening. This doesn't mean we cant do things! Having a routine has actually helped us do more things together. Thank you to Baby Tech Support - you are BRILLIANT!

Katy and Baby Evie