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I know there is often a lot of scepticism associated with getting help for your baby’s sleep, especially from the Dads!  And that’s ok and totally understandable, we know that it is a big decision to get help with your child’s sleep so it’s important to get all of your questions answered.  To help you understand who we are and our service here is a list of our frequently asked questions:

  • Will you just tell me leave my baby to cry?  No. It would be a pretty lazy approach if we did! Solving sleep problems requires going deeper than this approach. We will look at the root cause of your baby’s issue and solve it there, most of our work will be done during the day and not the night.
  • What do I get when I sign up? If you are signing up for the Baby or toddler solution then within 24 hours of sign up you will receive a personalised sleep plan. The plan will include an analysis of your baby’s current sleep issue, in depth explanation of the root cause of the problem and a step by step guide on how to solve it. Our support won’t end there, we will be there for you every step of the way to answer all of your questions or solve any problems that arise. You can contact us every hour, every day or every time you need some support and motivation. We answer all questions on our website within 24 hours. If you want a more personal approach you can arrange a telephone/skype call or a home visit.
  • Is my baby too young/too old? In our experience it is never too early to implement positive sleep habits and never too late to change sleep habits. We help all parents with babies and toddlers from newborn to 3 years old. The advice that you will receive will be completely different for a newborn versus the advice you will receive to solve your 2.5 year old’s sleep issue. All of our sleep plans are age appropriate and personalised to your baby, your family and your sleep goal.
  • My baby has reflux/colic/CMPA/I/medical issues – can you still help me? Absolutely! In our personal and professional experience having a medical issue like reflux/colic or allergies does not need to be a barrier to sleep. We can help you adapt your baby’s routine and sleep around any medical issues.
  • What happens if it doesn’t work? In our experience, if you put the hard work in and follow our advice then you will see the results. Changing sleep habits takes time, patience and perseverance but we are here to help you every step of the way. If, after your subscription ends, you are still having problems don’t worry we will continue to work with you have reached your sleep goal.
  • Do you offer refunds? No we don’t. We have never been asked for one either! However if any client is ever unsatisfied with the service we will work with you until you are. If something isn’t working, you need to change things or need to ‘pause’ the subscription due to illness get in touch with us we will do all we can to accommodate any requests.
  • How quickly can I expect to see a change? With babies there are no guarantees, it really depends on the baby, your effort and the sleep issue you are solving. Typically, our clients see a definite change in some, if not all aspects of their baby’s sleep within 5-14 days. Having said that, some babies take longer, some need less time. Rest assured, we will continue to work with you until things have improved.
  • I’ve tried everything, how can you help me? A lot of our clients feel this way when they sign up. When you are so close to the situation, when you are sleep deprived and when you are fed up it can be difficult to look at the situation objectively. Some sleep issues are deep rooted, complex and difficult to determine, others easy and obvious and sometimes you just need a little help.
  • Who are you? First and foremost, we are parents ourselves. We know what you are going through because we have been there ourselves. Our advice is personalised to you but realistic and achievable for all parents. We are fully trained sleep nannies and together with our years of experience of helping thousands of parents we can help solve ANY sleep issue.
  • Is your approach right for me? We don’t believe that crying it out is the only answer to sleep issues so we focus on solving the problem at it it’s core. Our advice is tailored to your baby and your family situation so if you’ve got twins, your baby has allergies, reflux or colic; we can help. We believe in routine and structure for babies. If a baby has everything they need, when they need it; the result is a baby that cries less, wakes less and sleeps more. We believe in the value of a good night’s sleep for everyone. And we believe it is possible for every baby.

If this has answered all of your questions about Baby Tech Support then head to www.babytechsupport.co.uk/get-help/ to sign up for our advice. Got more questions? No problem, get in touch on help@babytechsupport.co.uk.

Gemma at Baby Tech Support

5th October 2016

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