Baby Tech Support Mum of the Month – Crystal

I first contacted Baby Tech Support a few weeks ago as I really couldn't imagine having a full nights sleep again. My nearly 2 year old son would not go to sleep without me holding his hand and he would wake up several times during the night. I would always end up sleeping on the sofa with him. This lasted for a few weeks and I realised we couldn't go on like this. After first making contact with Baby Tech Support I was sent my sleep plan within a few hours. I was very apprehensive about putting the plan in place. The first night it took Kai 75 minutes to settle and I had to return to his room over 50 times. He woke up 3 times the first night for about half an hour each time but this was still progress from what we were used to. From there things just got better. Four weeks down the line and Kai goes to bed at 7 with hardly any fuss and he sleeps until morning. He does tend to wake once or twice during the night but I just need to reassure him that we are only next door and he settles back to sleep. I'm confident that in a couple more weeks Kai will sleep from 7 - 7 with no fuss or interruptions at all. Thanks to Baby Tech Support I have the confidence to stick to the plan and to be consistent. If I had any concerns I would receive a response really quickly and would always be reassured which was so helpful. Thank you Baby Tech Support!

Crystal and Kai