Follow your instincts!

When R was born everyone kept saying that the sleepless nights were normal so I accepted the all nighters and naps on me. By 4 months he had started to sleep a bit better and was napping for longer periods too, even though he was waking twice in the night, people kept saying that this was normal so I went with it. At 6 months I started weaning him, convinced that introducing some food would take the pressure off me (I was exclusively breastfeeding) and help him sleep. However his sleep continued to get worse and worse, waking constantly at night and feeding 6 or 7 times a night. Again asking friends and family they reassured me that this was 'sleep regression' and it will pass, it will get better. But it didn't. I came across Baby Tech Support and a blog about sleep and it felt like it had been written about us! I contacted Baby Tech Support the same day and explained my situation. I braced myself for Gemma to say what everyone else had "it'll pass, this is normal" or even worse "this is too difficult to solve" but instead she said the opposite! She explained why he was waking so much, that we were stuck in a cycle which meant he was not eating much during the day so that's why he was feeding at night. It all made perfect sense and I was relieved to hear that there was lots of things that she could do to help. All this time I had convinced myself (and let others convince me) that it was normal to be awake and exhausted but Gemma assured me that it didn't have to be that way. We started the next day with a very detailed plan Gemma had written for us. As I was going back to work in a few weeks I needed any plan to work around nursery. After a week, I was amazed and delighted to see that the changes I was working so hard to make were helping. He stopped waking so many times and as a result started to eat properly during the day. I carried on breastfeeding but made sure that he was able to get enough milk but left room for his meals too. I stopped listening to everyone around me and made all of the changes that Gemma had suggested. I don't want to jinx it but it has been 3 weeks and he has slept through the night the last 3 nights! We are still working on helping him get to sleep without me being in the room but it is much improved compared to where we were.

My advice to anyone in the same situation is to get in touch with Gemma, she was absolutely right about everything and helped me get the sleep i need to be a great mummy and get back into work too. I'll forever be grateful to Gemma and all her advice and support, she gave me the confidence I needed to follow my instincts! Thank you!

Claire and R (10 months)