I couldn’t have done it without you!

Just want to start by saying a huge thank you for all you have done for me and my girls. It's been a really hard few years for me and I feel that now I can have some sleep, things are going to get better.

I have two girls now aged 3 and 18 months who up until recently seemed to hate sleep. For as long as I can remember naps, bedtime and nighttime have been a nightmare! My eldest E was never the best sleeper but when my second daughter A arrived things were really tough. E started to act up at bedtime and wake early in the morning, A was up through the night feeding and I was having about 50 minutes sleep a night. About 1 year ago my partner left me and so I was the only one there to deal with the sleep troubles. I was constantly pulled in two directions and ended up giving in to the demands just to get sleep. So just before I contacted Gemma I had two girls who didn't go to bed until 9pm, in my bed still not sleeping and demanding milk at all hours. I had gotten myself into this situation knowing it wasn't working but I just couldn't see how to change things.

I arranged a phone call with gemma, I didn't think I could express everything in one email! We talked for over an hour about the girls sleep and she explained how she would help me. She prepared me that it would be tough on my own to change things for both girls but she assured me she would be there to help. I suddenly felt so focussed!

It was hard. At times I thought I should just stop and give in but I just couldn't go on like we were. So I kept going and slowly things improved for A. I knew it would be harder for E, she is a strong willed girl! But with Gemma's constant support by the 4th week I had both girls in bed by 7.35pm!!!! I had an evening!! Of course I was in bed by 7.50pm but still I had some time for me!

It's hard being a single mum but now we are all getting sleep it is more manageable. I've got more confidence and patience and I'm enjoying being a mum to them.

Sorry that was really long, I could go on and on! But thank you a million times, I couldn't have done it without your help and advice!

It was almost 5 weeks of hard work but it was well worth it!