I never thought it was possible!

I never thought it would have been possible to settle my boy to bed at 7pm and not hear a peep from him until the next morning!  We have had a tough time of it since he was born.

6 weeks ago we were exhausted, constantly up and down the stairs, up all night, struggling with short or no naps and completely out of ideas.  Our son had been diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy and reflux and had not been settled since he was born, the constant crying was getting to us.

I contacted Baby Tech Support one night and within 24 hours I had a plan of action - clear instructions to stop his night waking.  I felt reassured and really supported by them from day 1,  I had a million questions and was constantly emailing them to ask what if this and that but they were patient and understanding and gave me all the answers I needed.

I started to make changes in our days and although things didn't get better over night, each day I started to see that he was happier, going for naps and settling to bed at night.  when he first had a 2 hour nap I was over the moon.  Shortly after he started to settle himself to sleep without me rocking him for hours and sleep for longer in the night.  What a difference!  I had been preparing myself for years of sleepless nights but within a short time he was getting sleep, we were getting sleep and we were so much happier!

I cannot recommend the ladies at Baby Tech Support enough!  The fact that they are mums themselves made their advice so much more achievable and realistic and when things didn't go to plan they had advice.  Thank you so so much for everything!

Lizzie and baby Tyler