I now have a happy 6 month old who sleeps from 6.30pm to 7am

Thank you so much ladies for giving me the support and confidence to get my 5 month old into the routine that he so needed. Quite apart from making my life easier I know that more importantly he is so much happier with the right amount of sleep and feeds when he needs it. I was in a bit of a 'breast feeding to sleep cycle' which I knew was not an good long term habit. Gemma and Tanya sent me a comprehensive plan to tackle all aspects of the routine and within 2 weeks we had broken the bad habits and I was able to put him down for daytime naps in his cot without protest. What I like most about the BTS package is that it's tailored to suit me and my son and so whereas I was a bit mistrustful of routines in books being too rigid, I completely trusted the BTS  ladies who were on hand to answer my questions as they arose.

I now have a happy almost 6 month old who sleeps from 6.30pm to 7am!! Thanks ladies. Karen xx