I was sleeping in a chair!

I saw Baby Tech Support on Facebook and got in touch about my little girl who was 6.5 months at the time. She had been a great sleeper as a newborn but gradually she stopped letting me put her down for naps, when i did finally get her to sleep she woke up after 20 minutes but she was so unhappy I knew she was still tired. At nightime things were even worse, she wouldn't let me put her down so i resorted to sleeping sitting in a nursing chair in her room and once i even got into the cot with her! Because she had slept well as a young baby i just kept hoping and expecting that things would go back to how they were. They didn't. Everyone kept telling me that it was the sleep regression, that it would pass soon but if anything it seemed to be getting worse.

When i finally decided to speak to Baby Tech Support i felt instantly better. Gemma was really understanding and I actually broke down in tears on the phone to her! I had already tried a lot of advice from forums which included leaving her to cry so I was so worried that nothing would help improve things for me. I was willing to try anything at this point.

Gemma's advice made perfect sense but i felt so overwhelmed by everything i had to change. After a long phone call and more tears with Gemma she reassured me that I could do it. She broke it all down step by step and was there on email for me to ask all of my questions.

When I started i wouldn't have expected that I would see such a dramatic change and in such a short space of time. The change in her sleep, her naps and her night was incredible. After 3 weeks we are down to just one wake up during the night but that is getting closer to 7am every day! She can fall asleep by herself and I am actually back sleeping in my bed and not in that stupid chair!!

Thank you Gemma for all of your help and advice! If you are wondering whether it is worth signing up, trust me it is totally worth it!!

Anne and Baby Amelie