I wish I had signed up sooner!

Everyone says that sleep deprivation is torture and I can honestly say that I agree! I spent the best part of 10 months barely surviving on 2 hours of broken sleep each night while i held, co-slept (but no real sleep happened), slept on the floor with my hand through the cot, paced the floor rocking my beautiful girl. It was hell! Naps were non existent and she would take hours and hours to settle at bedtime so I honestly believed that she didn't need that much sleep. After we went away to a wedding with the children and I spent the whole night trapped in the room trying to get her to sleep I decided enough was enough.

My friend Sarah had used Baby Tech Support about 1 year ago and she had raved about Gemma and all of the sleep they were now able to have. So on the Monday I signed up, desperate and pleading for some help!

Turns out Charlie didn't hate sleep nor was she allergic to her cot or needed less sleep than most, as Gemma explained she was chronically overtired. The plan that i received was all about breaking this and getting her to have more sleep, not less. Well it was a huge battle at first but Gemma's advice and support gave me the confidence to see the plan through. After a few days I was gearing up for a 30 minute bedtime battle and she went to sleep within minutes. I was blown away!! From there things just got better and better; the more sleep she had the better she settled and the better she settled the more sleep she had. I didn't leave her to cry once, Gemma had lots of suggestions to suit our situation and my preference which i was so grateful for. Every morning I would email Gemma and give her a breakdown and she would suggest some more things to try the next day.

After 3 weeks and 2 days Charlie went to bed at 6.30pm and didn't wake up until 5am. She napped for over 3 hours each day and was so much happier as a result. Since then she is consistently sleeping 11/12 hours a night and is even settling alone now!

I wouldn't wish lack of sleep on my worst enemy, it is a miracle I managed to last as long as i did! Thank you Gemma for all of your help and advice, we are a much happier family as a result. For anyone in this similar situation, don't hesitate to sign up! I wish I had signed up sooner!! Roseanne and Charlie x