Thank you for giving us more sleep

Now that our time with you is coming to an end I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! Sebastian is still sleeping through the night and we are reaping the rewards of more sleep for ourselves.

It is really hard to believe that when we came to you, I was on my knees; completely exhausted having not slept more than 30 minutes at a time for 11 months. When I became a mum I was prepared for some sleepless nights but nothing prepared me for what we went through! 11 months and every night he would wake every 30 minutes, I rocked him to sleep, I lay on the floor next to the cot and tiptoed out only to be woken again shortly afterwards. I honestly don’t know how I lasted like this as long as I did, I am kicking myself that I didn’t come to you for help sooner!

So thank you so much for giving us some more sleep – he’s napping well now and I’m even getting a 2 hour nap from him. He’s sleeping from 6.30pm to 7am and one morning he didn’t wake until 7.35am – we were awake wondering what was going on!! I owe it all to you and your amazing advice and support. I have told all of my sleep deprived friends about you, I can’t thank you enough!

Kind regards

Sam, Tom and Sebastian x