Thank you!

I just want to say a massive Thank you to Gemma and Tanya at Baby Tech support.  When I signed up to the 12 week package I was at my wits end, either sleeping in the chair in my son's room or constantly up and down all night trying to rock him back to sleep.  I really was beginning to feel like a terrible mum who just had a bad sleeper.

It was hard work at first but Gemma and Tanya talked me through everything and were there everyday answering my questions!  I've still got some work to do but we've gone from no sleep to sleeping through the night, non existent naps to a heavenly 2 hour nap a day.  I am back at work now and don't know how I would survive if I was only getting a few hours each night.   I highly recommend Baby Tech Support, they got my son to sleep - they must be miracle workers!!