They are Lifesavers!

I got in touch for the 4 week plan after a friend recommended Gem and Tanya.

They are lifesavers!

We were stuck in a hellish rut of her being awake most the night then sleeping until 9am in the morning, then refusing to nap trapping us in a vicious cycle with an overtired baby. They have helped us go from 3 night feeds to 1 ( sometimes this is around 10pm so my daughter then goes till 7am!) she is now napping in her cot every day when she previously would only sleep on us or when out, she can usually self settle now, they discovered her milk intolerance so she is now on prescription milk alongside my being dairy free  and so much better! They have factored in her reflux and created us a whole new routine which is working brilliantly!  She used to wake every half an hour after we put her down in the evening until gone 9pm. We actually now have time to ourselves in the evening instead of trudging up and down the stairs and pacing the floor, and we have even been out for the evening! And I've stopped dreading night time! All this despite her first 2 bottom Teeth having broken through! We can't thank them enough xxx