True angels and I cannot recommend them enough.

After having my son 4 weeks early and already having a 4 year old in a great routine I wasn't phased by having a new born and brought him home after a few days in the neonatal unit, believing that within a few weeks we would be in a great routine and everyone would be sleeping, just like when my daughter was born. Well, I was more than wrong! They say no two children are the same and boy, this one was definitely different!!! I had tried everything! Every gadget, every sleeping device, every light machine going and still he refused to sleep in the day and was uncomfortable all the time, waking every 2 hours through the night. I looked to hire a night nanny just for some help and couldn't find anyone I'd be happy with in my home. It was a middle of the night "google" search that lead me to find these wonderful ladies! I'd tried everything else and had nothing to lose so signed up and awaited their advice. What can I say?! They have been more help to me than any doctor I have seen. Turns out my beautiful boy has a milk allergy and reflux. They helped me get a diagnosis, manage his symptoms and talked me through every step of the adjustment to the new milk. (Which I almost gave up on , twice!) Within a couple of weeks he was feeding, sleeping during the day and was a happy baby, the baby I thought I was getting! He went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 6.30pm until 7am with one quick, stress free feed at around 2am. The wonderful ladies at baby Tech support are true angels and I cannot recommend them enough. I am so grateful for their help and advice. If you want help advice or just need someone to point you in the right direction, then these ladies will definitely be able to help. Thank you for everything xx

Katie and Harrison