We are so much happier now!

My friend put me onto Baby Tech Support just before Christmas, probably because she was sick of me moaning about not getting enough sleep!! I was willing to try anything but my husband was very sceptical and thought we could solve it ourselves. So I tried but after two weeks of trying and crying, I contacted Gemma.

I told her about my little girl who was 3 and has never slept through the night. I half expected her to tell me that I was a hopeless case but instead she reassured me that she could help.

Maya started sleeping well as a baby but after a few weeks things changed and she was difficult to settle and didn't sleep more than a few minutes at a time unless she was attached to me. She did have a period where she slept better at around 1 but this was short lived. I did what I could to get some sleep-she had milk at night, we co-slept, I slept on her floor we slept on the sofa and we were all exhausted! I'm really not sure how I functioned for those 3 and a bit years. It was so hard, I just kept expecting things to get better.

When I received my plan I was really overwhelmed! There was so much information I just didn't know where to start. Gemma was great, she reassured me that we'd take it slow and she'd be here to help me. So I stuck to the plan rigidly and it was hard for the first two weeks. I almost gave up so many times but Gemma was there to keep me going. Then one morning I woke up and I realised I hadn't got up!! First I panicked then I crept into her room and there she was still asleep. I think I did a little dance! Things just got better from there and by the end of my plan she was sleeping through 6 nights out of 7. 

Thank you so much! It sounds a bit cheesy and far fetched to say that you changed my life but you really did!! We are all so much happier now we are getting some proper sleep in our own beds and I'm expecting our second baby in June! I can't recommend Baby Tech Support enough to anyone struggling with a baby that won't sleep-don't wait like I did!!"

Hannah and Maya