Your help was invaluable!

After my first son was born I felt like we pretty much said goodbye to sleep!! He finally slept through the night at 3 years old so when my second son was born I just thought the sleepless nights were normal. When we reached his first birthday and he was feeding every 2 hours at night I realised that for the past 4 years we had not slept more than 2 hours at a time! Something inside me snapped! Having previously convinced myself that sleepless night and exhaustion was just part of being a parent and assumed that he'd get there on his own, I decided enough of was enough. So on recommendation from my friend Sarah I contacted Baby Tech Support. 

What can I say! It was the best decision I have ever made!! I'll be honest and say it wasn't an easy decision, mostly because asking for help isn't my strong point!

Gemma from Baby Tech Support was amazing. I think she could sense I really needed help so we scheduled a phone call to start with (I spent most of it sobbing!) but she reassured me and gave me a new hope that I could get him to sleep.

From there it just got better and better, every day was hard at first but I very quickly started to see how much we all needed that sleep. After 3.5 weeks he slept through the night for the first time-we were over the moon!!

If like me you are sitting in the floor of your child's bedroom praying that he'll just go to sleep call Baby Tech Support. If you are exhausted and fed up and broken then they really can help you. I thought we were a lost cause but with Gemma's constant help, support and advice we are now getting the sleep we need. Two much happier boys because mummy and daddy actually have the energy and patience to enjoy time with them. Two happy parents because we have our evenings back, we even go out now, I am no longer a zombie at work and I feel like a weight has been lifted!

Thank you Gemma from the bottom of my heart; your help was invaluable!

Laura, James, Harry and Finley x"