You’ve changed our lives!

After her 3rd birthday, something snapped. I couldn't get up in the night anymore! I have been a walking zombie for the best part of 3 yeas and I kept hoping it would get better but it didn't. My husband was in the spare room and I could barely function at my job, I said enough is enough.

I came across Baby Tech Support on Facebook one day and without hesitation I signed up to the Toddler sleep package. The sleep plan was really detailed and easy to follow and I felt so much better knowing I had gemma at the end of the phone or email to help me. I was committed to the plan and to changing our sleep or lack of! Things actually went better than I could have imagined and she started to sleep better after just 4 days! There was a bit of resistance at times to the new plan but gemma was there to talk me through the right approach and tactics. I wasn't keen to leave her to cry but I was thankful gemma had a load of alternative 'tricks' up her sleeve!

She starts preschool in a few months and I know now that she is going to be able to cope. She's sleeping through from 6.30-6am and I know that this will get later as I finish off the plan. I'm over the moon and feel so much better. I knew I was tired but I didn't realise what an impact it was having on my little girl too-tantrumming, crying, refusing to eat meals it's all changed!

Thanks again Gemma, it sounds a bit cheesy but you've changed our lives!! Sleep is so important, I'm so glad I finally get to have some!! Sarah, Dan and Evie x